Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wedding, Part 1

Here is the wedding couple, who will be now known as "The Darlings"
We were invited to attend the Darlings wedding (Big Daddy's nephew and fiancee) in SLC over the weekend.

We made a cannonball run (definition: fast trip up and back) ...drove THursday night to Vegas (sorry Queen, all drive, no play) , then all day Friday just in time to check into our hotel and shower before the Groom's dinner. Here are some family shots. Notice the Darlings are not in one picture. Too busy smoozing the crowd.
Big Daddy and Moi
Grandpa and Iron Man
Mini Princess and Grandma
The A Boys
Aunties and Sweet Pea

Doesn't everyone look happy? What a wild day it was to get there. Sweet Pea had to register for a federally regulated drug and take a test over the phone to get the prescription filled, while we were drove 500 miles through rain and sleet. Not fun! But she passed and is now taking a medication that we hope will change lives (shwoosh!).

Stay tuned toThe Wedding, Part II

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Neglect and all her chores

Hello Darlings...so sorry to have neglected you. I just realized it has been a month since my last post. Lots of boring stuff going on....working, A LOT, to pay for my children, their transgressions and dreams, Little League is in full bloom, and of course, LaCrosse. Oye!
Here is a couple of highlights:

Easter Eggs

I think he is singing

Spring break in Palm Springs...
and can you believe I didn't stop to get cookies at Sherman's deli.

That's really about it. Laundry, some cleaning, work and crafting. How sad! Summer is almost here...bring on the beach!