Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Town Fun

Remember our cute nephew and his cuter new wife, The Darlings? They came to visit us this weekend. We, and by we, I mean not Big Daddy and NOT Drama. Why? Because Drama pitched a super hissy fit and Big Daddy wanted to leave him home alone. I am not sure if that is legal yet, so Big Daddy stayed home with Super Hissy while the other kids and I played.

First stop, Farmer's Market. We bought these delicious berries,
and saw many beautiful flowers
and watched the Darlings dance to Earth, Wind and Fire.

Next stop...Old Town
We have a cool Root Beer store that sells a bazillion kinds of sodas, homemade root beers, as well as a wicked Root Beer Floats. Yumm!

Some evil doers were selling puppies in the parking lot. Actually, they were very cute poodles and Mrs. Darling wanted one very badly. However, wise Mr. Darling told her she couldn't have one now in an apartment, but she would get a dog after she graduates from college. I think that is a good trade. To make her feel better, I offer to give, or lend our Mr. Poop's Rainbows and Sunshine. Unfortunately, she did not take me up on the offer.

Our Old Town has a few antique shops, restaurants and even our own psychic.Her office is always closed. Maybe she knows when I am coming.
Here is Mr. Darling relaxing with a local while the girls shopped and Iron Man, who is quickly reverting back to Lazy Boy, spying a super, slick Stingray. Not gonna happen, partner!

Of course, no trip to Old Town is complete without a carne asada lunch at Rosa's Cantina.

Next stop....Wine Country. We drive out to wine country and stopped off at some friends house. He was working in the yard and gave us a bunch of apples, little, tiny, tart apples. Thanks Steve! Now I need to make a pie.

Last stop, home. Saturday was the first day in a long time that it had gotten hot enough to swim. Sounds wierd, huh? But it was a beautiful day and the boys entertained us with some of their jumps.

Then the Darlings left for Orange County. Party over.
The End!