Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Independence Day

I know, it was like forever ago. But, it's been a slow summer, no deaths lately and nothing to blog.
Here is Big Daddy, me and Drama on the 4th at a friends swim party. Notice how Drama is strategically placed? I'm no dummy.
Fun Jerry tried to see how much water he could get out of the pool
Drama going down the slide.

Lazy Boy doing what he does best.
Sweet Pea and the party hosts, the G-bomb.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Marriott,

This letter is to inform you of my great disappointment over my most recent stay in your hotel. My mother, sisters and I were guests of the J.W. Marriott in Palm Desert in June. It is a tradition for the ladies to get together and relax. Unfortunately, your staff and policies made it difficult for us to engage in any enjoyable activity.

Upon arrival we immediately set out to the pool area to cool off and begin decompressing from our stressful lives. As we reached the pool, we were stopped by security personnel, who asked to see inside our purses and bags. I sir, am not in the habit of displaying my personal and private articles to just anyone. Not only was my bag looked at, it was thoroughly examined for contraband. What were these illegal good imported onto the Marriott property? Water bottles, a bag of grapes and a box of crackers. How dare us!

We immediately went to the front desk to find out what this new policy was and why. We were told no food items or liquid beverage purchased outside the property could be brought into the pool area. Since we have been guests several times, we were shocked and astonished that such a ludicrous policy exists. Then to find out that the policy exists only on weekends, when guests are charged 2 1/2 times the weekly rate, merely infuriated us. Your desk manager offered us a paltry $50 to spend at the pool grill. That would cover the costs of 3 lunches and 2 sodas for the 3 days we were there. What of those with special dietary needs that did not include beer or soda?

As we watched the employees, I was very dissapointed, again, in the performance of their job. One women cleaning around the pool dumped out drink cups on the pool deck, carelessly getting our personal effects wet. Another pool security was rude and demeaning when I asked why Ipods were not allowed at the pool.

Later that evening we discussed this matter again with your night manager, Brian. He suggested that the hotel was looking out for themselves. Mr. Marriott, as the guest, I would expect your staff to look out for me. Myself and my group are not college age "Spring Breakers" nor party people. We are middle aged women. We were simple looking for a nice, comfortable place to enjoy one another's company. At no time did anyone apologize for the intrusion or inconvenience of our stay. You have stated ,"I want our associates to know that there really is a guy named Marriott who cares about them…" I don't feel as if you care about me, Mr Marriott.

Mr. Marriott, as a Reward Member and Property Owner, I am thoroughly disenchanted with your company, property and employees. I will not return to this site again. There are other place to stay and spend my money.


The Princess,
HRM- Noni,
Darling Sisters

P.S. I am attaching some photographs so that you may see our disappointment and dissatisfaction for yourself.

Look how emaciated and hungry we were.
How could we possible relax in this atmosphere?

We were almost brought to tears.

Here we are struggling to smile after a frustrating day around the pool.

This was the desert I ate in order to elevate my painful memories of the day.

Thanks to Mom, Kel and Jen for making my bday fantastic.
Love you girl!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mary Tyler Moore and the Original

We have been without television for about a month now. Not too bad. No Michael Jackson news bulletins, etc. I have been catching up on my favorite 1970's show "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".

I was watching episode 19 the other day on Hulu, when I made an amazing discovery. Rhoda had the first Snuggie.
Sweet Pea actually caught that one. So, for those of you who thought you were so cool in your electric blue warm suits, (K.P.)
MTM had you by 35 years!
(and Rhoda's had stunning pockets and white trim!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009