Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap up

Dinner with the missionaries, pumpkin carving shenanigans, Skyping with Sweet Pea and jack-o-lanterns on display.

Halloween on a Sunday this year, so we Trunk or Treat.
Drama in his best "In-N-Out Guy" costume. They loved him there!

Here's the old folks handing out candy.
We brought a laptop and showed "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
Can you believe there were kids who have never seen it...I mean teenagers!
Sorting the haul.

Mindy Gledhill and Facebook

Busy month, but we also had a couple of really amazing days. One was the charity dinner/concert Big Daddy and I crashed. As always, it comes with a story.

Sweet Pea is at college, and thriving, thank you very much. She went to a street concert where she met her idol, singer /songwriter Mindy Gledhill.

So, I became a fan of Mindy's on Facebook. Let me tell you right now,
Facebook is where all the stuff is happening. Good and bad. This was good.
Miss Mindy posted a private concert she was performing at in San Diego, and space was still available. Flash forward a week, Big Daddy and I walked into this event with 100 strangers. It was fantabulous! You can see some of the wonderment here.
Big Daddy and I in the backyard woodland
We sat next to the sweet girl who created this!

And here is Mindy singing her heart out. That's my fuschia sleeve there!

Mindy's music is lovely. She has a beautiful voice and her music sounds as good live as her new cd Anchor. Of course, I had to meet her and tell her about Sweet Pea, and our neighborhood photographer who took the pictures for her album cover, and gushed over her.

I may have even told Mindy, "Pretend like we are best friends. I'm trying to tick off my daughter."

Photo taken in dark on Big Daddy's phone.

I was bummed I didn't bring my camera, but was relieved when I saw a bunch of "docu-moms" photographing the event. I have borrowed their pix.

So, dinner...delicious, concert...terrific, charity auction...AWESOME.
I won the best prize... paper. For those of you who check out my craft blog, you'll know I am a paper freak. So, not only did I win a boatload of gorgeous paper, I got lots of goodies to go with.
Check it out!

All this goodness was donated by Margie Romney-Aslett of The Girls' Paperie fame.
I have had little time, but did create a candle wrap for my Halloween mantle this year. I am dying to dig into all of this gorgeous goodness!

OH, but that's not all.

I was also the winner of a Secondsister treat- A scollar.

Precious! Can hardly wait til the weather chills and I can rock this cool collar.

April really is an artist. She illustrated the delightful pictures in Mindy's video,
as well as being a phenomenal hostess. Check out her jewlry at Etsy.

So, crashed a party, made new friends, front row concert seats, won paper and a coolio scollar.
How is that for Facebook?