Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little League

Cooper's Little League season has come to an end.  One of the coaches created this awesome video of the team. Check out the kid with the twisty tongue!

Angels Baseball

Here we are at an Angels Game this spring.  We love the game, the players, even GA this season, the Panda Express (way too close to our seats) and Big Bang Fridays.

RS Fiesta

Just looking over the photos I took at the RS Fiesta last night.  What a blast!  Homemade Mexican food created by the Hot Latinas or Las Mamacitas (I haven't decided which name I like better), trampoline show, pinata and salsa dancing. Too much fun!  My legs were burning and I was sweating by the end of the night.  That's a sign of a good time.  Big thanks to Vicki and Cori!  
To see photos from the party, go to:

Jacklyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith, famous Charlie's Angel.  I have decided this year I want to look that good.  Look at her, she's early 60's and brunette.  If Botox is what she's got, I could think about it.  Actually, I am working towards the hairstyle: Classic and beautiful! I showed a picture of Jacklyn to a girl who cut my hair  She didn't know who she was. Come ON! Ok, the kid was 22, but Shear Genius judge.  I think that is required viewing for anyone who cuts or styles hair professionally ( or like me a "Kitchen Beautican"  Sorry Courtney :-} )


Welcome to my blog.  I finally have a place to rant and rave, as well as show off my photos.  
Until I come up with something clever,  have a nice day!