Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jacklyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith, famous Charlie's Angel.  I have decided this year I want to look that good.  Look at her, she's early 60's and brunette.  If Botox is what she's got, I could think about it.  Actually, I am working towards the hairstyle: Classic and beautiful! I showed a picture of Jacklyn to a girl who cut my hair  She didn't know who she was. Come ON! Ok, the kid was 22, but Shear Genius judge.  I think that is required viewing for anyone who cuts or styles hair professionally ( or like me a "Kitchen Beautican"  Sorry Courtney :-} )


  1. Really, who doesn't know who Jacklyn Smith is! I think you look as good as she does too when you have your make up and hair all done, are posed at that perfect angle as was, and are as relaxed as she does from prbably just having an awesome spa day. She does have great skin and hair, no denying that.

  2. she was always my favorite angel. and who can forget all her woman in peril tv movies?!