Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Five

Another boring day the office 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, if you will.

Big Daddy and The Boss played bocce ball for a while.

The Boss would like everyone to know they tied. A play off forthcoming.

Later that evening we barbequed with the Besties-
mango chicken, macaroni salad and grilled pineapple.
Afterwards, we took over the owners lounge to play gin.
The Boss wanted everyone to know Stan won one game, Lulu 1 game, and me 0.
The Boss won 2.

Day Four


Sunrise this morning out our lanai.

Another view from our balcony.

Breakfast of champions-yogurt and Krispy Kremes.

Nature is beautiful here. They planed my favorite tropical flower in my favorite color, just for me.

Besties went to see Sheryl Crow in concert. Not my bag of tea. We went to a favorite local restaurant-Lelani's.

Delicious nachos with sweet Maui onions, a fabulous strawberry, feta and Maui onion salad (see a theme?), and a killer dessert called Hula pie.
Wicked good macademian ice cream on an oreo crust topped with fudge.
Needless to say, I will be visiting the gym in the morning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day Three

We started the day at the gym. I know. Crazy, but I know how I eat on vacation, so I need to get a head start. Then Big Daddy and I went to one of those "welcome-sucker" meetings then took a walk along the ocean. BEE-U-TI-FUL! We spend the afternoon laying around the pool with our BVF( Best Vactioning Friends, i.e. Besties).
We went to Kahului to do some shopping. Now, unlike Lilo, who has been in town blowing all of her hard earned money at Gucci, we went to Costco. What a cheap date! Polish hot dogs, a soda and a berry sundae. Big Daddy got a new swimmy suit and I go a 3 dvd collection of Doris Day movies! Yippee! My 3 favorite movies: Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers. Happy Mother's Day to me

Lulu was having a Krispy Kremergency and ate 3 donuts! I can't believe she didn't puke. I have a "sample" of a glazed and a donut hole. Where does she put it?

Next stop Kmart. Now that is a pretty dodgy place on the mainland. It becomes a little bit creepier on the island. Sweetpea asked for a Hawaiian ring, which is least expensive at the Kmart. Lulu and I walked backed to the car where the boys had been watching a live version of "Cops, the Islands". A couple was is a yelling, screaming punching fight, until the cops came.
The cops talked to each then sent them home, where I am sure they continued to smack each other around. I told Big Daddy I needed a better cell phone camera if I am going to be doing undercover work. "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

We looked, just to make sure, Lilo was not involved in this altercation.

Day Two

After a long day I wanted to sleep forever. That did not happen. I woke up at 4:30 am and could not go back to sleep. I waited until I saw a little light, then went to the balcony to watch the sunrise. Welcome to Paradise.
Big Daddy slept a little longer that I, but we needed to unpack and get ready. I ironed all of my clothes and got ready for church. Yes, it was the Sabbath. Big Daddy went to put on his khakis, when he realized they were Lazy Boy's pants. That wasn't going to work. We got ready and met our Besties and walked to church. That's right, walked. It was about 1 1/2 miles and a beautiful walk along the ocean. We were a few hundred yards away from the church building when we heard a car honk at us. I just waved. Then a women got out of that car and ran after us. "Are you going to the Mormon church?", she asked. Well, it was stake conference and there was no church. Humpf. Do we still get credit? Church lady and her hubby gave us a ride back to our resort. Thanks! Since I didn't make it to Stake Conference, I cannot say for sure whether Lilo was there or not. She might have taken the Sabbath off and done some repenting, or gotten drunk, whatever.
Went to the pool and got some sun. If you are a fan of FAIL blog, you might enjoy this picture.
We spent the rest of the day in full relaxing mode.
That night we went to my FAV Lahaina Town eatery-Aloha Mixed Plate. Shoyu chicken, one scoop macaroni, two scoops white rice. Yummies!

After dinner, had to make my first trip to the ABC store. Postcards, tshirts and souvenirs galore!Oh and honey roasted macadamian nuts.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day One

Wow! What a day! We got to the airport early Saturday morning ready to travel. The night before was a mess. Poodle had been sick and late Friday night we found he had bitten himself raw in a spot. Poor Puppy! To keep him biting himself more, my father-in-law fashioned a collar cone out of 2 popcorn tubs. We said goodbye to everyone and drove my the OC.
Back to the airport. We got onto our plane, sat for an hour before the pilot told us the plane could not be repaired and we had to unload and wait for a new plane. BOOO! We waited back in the terminal forever.

We got lunch, of course 30 minutes after the airlines gave us lunch vouchers.At least I had these to console me!

Big Daddy and I decided to buy dinner at the airport and take in onto the plane for later. We called home all day to find out how the Poodle was. Bad news. He had an absessed anal gland. Now, for those of you who have never heard of this, DO NOT GOOGLE it. Believe me, it's nasty and you don't want to know. Poor Poo had been in a lot of pain, but the vet gave him a real plastic collar and meds to make him better. Poor baby!

It's now been over 3 hours waiting for a plane in the terminal, when a group came rushing in. The group was lead my a man in a suit, a young red headed woman, another younger girl and a scruffy looking dude. Hum! That red head looked like Lindsay Lohan. The group walked behind the ticket counter. About 30 minutes later we all loaded onto the plane. On our way to our seats we walked through first class, and sure enough, Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ally. Yikes! Not only was she on MY plane, but going to MY island! I was listening to my mp3 player as we slowly walked by, and I saw her sister on the aisle seat and there was Lilo right next to her.
Whoo-hoo! The funniest part was their "entourage" was sitting in coach with the rest of us!
The plane ride was long and tiring, but 14 hours later, we arrived in Maui. We arrived at the Marriott Ocean Club, checked in, grabbed some dinner and met our friends for desert at Lelani's. Hey! Now we were ready to play, although I was exhausted. We would have to wait another day to play.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Final Countdown

That makes me think of that headbanger song from the 80's. Funny. This is just for you Queen- 2 days and I am outta here! Super busy with laundry (Drama has so many dirty outfits a day), grooming for Poo (a.k.a. Poodle, a.k.a. Oliver),

TAKING IN CLOTHES cuz I am thinner (note, not skinny) grocery shopping for ravenous wolves, I mean teenagers, Little League team mom stuff and Drama's room mom stuff ( I swear- this is THE last time I am ever doing either!) and packing!

Big Daddy is out of town and hasn't even begun to pack.  He'll just throw in a couple of swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts and shorts and call it good.  Oh, and maybe a toothbrush.  I on the other hand have been writing lists, coordinating and packing for over a week.  I am too excited! Well, wasting time, gotta get moving! 
p.s. Queen- since I don't have your snail mail, I will just have to send you e-post cards from the tropics!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The weight is over

Yes, I spelled it right.  After pretending for the last 8 years that I would wake up thin, I actually am doing something about it. I have tried many a time. Worked out at the gym, sometimes twice a day, eat that cabbage soup crap for a week, diet pills a.k.a. speed, and everything but bulimia.  Actually, I got a stomach ache one day from eating a bunch of something, probably chocolate. I had to puke.  But back to the story...

I just kept buying bigger clothes.  It didn't seem to matter to anyone.  Big Daddy, my DH, says he loves me anyway I am.  Thanks.  You kinda have to! This last summer I was at an all time high or huge.  One of the low points was getting into my girlfriends car and my super tight lycra pants split in the seat. Take a look at the photos from my summer trip to Palm Springs (2008).  Yikes.  Yep, wearing a size 16/17.   Not cool when you weigh the same as your 6 foot tall brother. 

Holy Cow!  How did that happen? The answer- food, a lot of food. I love sweets, pastries, cookies and cakes. Enjoy steaks, burgers, . .  I could go on all day.  And that is exactly what I did.

This past summer we had a family reunion where I saw my darling sister-in-law. I hadn't seen her in over 7 years.  She was going through a divorce, and having a difficult time. But she had taken control of the things in her life that she could.  She joined WW (Weight Watchers) and started running.  Man, does she look fab! (BTW, is in now single and ready to mingle!) She inspired me.  It took another 4 months before I said, "THAT"S IT!" We are joining WW!  So 2 weeks before Christmas I signed up, again.  This was round 3 for me. It wasn't easy around the holidays, but helped me make better choices, and I started to lose a little weight.

It's been 18 weeks now, and I am pleased as punch to report that I have achieved my WW goal. That just means I have to keep that weight or less for 6 more weeks and I am a LIFER!  I'm gonna do it, because I am too cheap to do this again. I have lost 18+ pounds on WW, plus another 5 since last summer.  23 pounds is only half way.  My personal goal is 40 lbs. My little brother is getting married in August and that is the motivation to lose the rest. Family photos can be really inspiring. I don't want to be the big sibling this year. My sisters are both thin, really thin. Now that I have lost a chin, we are starting to look related.

So what have I done? Completely changed the way and amount I am eating. No more Del Taco 2 tacos and Mr. Pibb.  No more Tacos Tijuana. No more In-And-Out. I eat tons of fruit and veggies, very light on the red meat, and gallons and gallons of soup. Drink lots. I am a big fan of Crystal Light, and cut back on my Dt. Dr. Pepper to 2 or 3 a week. And the secret ingredient is- flaxseed oil.  It's gross.  Most people mix it in with their food.  I put it in a little cup and drink it like a shot, with a Crystal Light chaser. Then I had to get moving. I still go to the gym, which I really don't enjoy.  But I also walk more. My puppy is very happy these days.

Easter Sunday was a big deal.  I bought a beautiful Tahari suit about 4 months after Libby died.  Thought it would be a good motivation.  Well, it hung in the closet for 5 years!  FIVE YEARS!  Well, I wore it Easter Sunday.
It wasn't too tight and I wasn't worried about splitting any seams.  I don't care if it is out of style.  I don't.  It beautiful and a huge accomplishment to me!  I just may wear it every week until the weather turns awfully hot. People will whisper, "Hasn't she worn that suit every week for the past 3 months?" DON'T CARE!  It's my victory suit.

So now what. About 25 more pounds. Believe me, it's all there, hidden under spanx. 
Thanks to those who have encouraged.  Poo to those of you who left See's candy on my doorstep for Easter.  Sabatour! Yes, I ate it.  Just didn't eat it all at once. Now I have all of these clothes in my closet that actually fit. And I have some beautiful things that don't. I will wait a little longer, then I'm going shopping. Isn't that brilliant!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angels Baseball

Today I went to the ballpark with my boys, Big Daddy, the Lazy Boy and Drama to see our Angels play. It was a beautiful day. We played the Red Sox. Boston sucks. Actually, the fans suck, and I hate that word. Why are there so many of them? Where did they all come from? And when are they leaving. I'm not even going to comment on the "tough chicks" wearing Red Sox shirts. Big Daddy reminded me that it's legal in Massachusetts. Yeah, we lost and I'm bitter.
It has been just 2 days after the news of our newest pitcher, Nick Adenhart's death. The young kid pitched his first game on Wednesday evening and was killed a few hours later by a drunk driver. Sad indeed.

Thursday's game was cancelled, but the boys came back last night a beat Boston. The stadium was filled with signs and banners honoring Nick. We hope the team can rally together and play for the newest Angel in heaven.
Oh, and I helped Drama carry out 10 water/beer bottles to recycle. He wished he had a big bag.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheap is Chic

I am annoyed by the fact the everyone is getting on the frugal bandwagon.  I have been a penny pincher for ever.  

Exhibit A:  While on a trip away from home, I forgot a case to keep my contacts in.  I was even at a Walmart that same evening, picked up a new case for about $2, and said to myself "$2!"  I'm not buying this." And I put it back.  Back at the hotel I came up with a clever idea to put one contact into a plastic cup and insert in the morning.  What I didn't plan for was my brother (let's choose Mike) who poured Root Beer into said cups and DRANK my contacts. Actually they went down the drain. Now I am blind and had to buy new contacts.

Exhibit B:  I have taught the children to "troll for bottles."  Drama is especially good at this.  When we first moved into our home there was a lot of construction, which means workers, which means soda/beer which in the mind of a 5 year old means $$$$.  I would drive down the street as my recycling soldier ran through framed homes and rubble to gather bottles and cans, like a war orphan.  Drama has been able to buy lots of junk with his plunder. 

Exhibit C:  Coupons.  I have been cutting, sorting, filing and using coupons for years. Sunday afternoon I need one hour to go through the newspaper.  I read all the "slick ads"  then cut my coupons. I don't do much without a coupon. Yesterday I told the kids I would buy them a treat at the new yogurt place, but had forgotten the coupon at home. No coupon, no treat.  Boy were they mad.  But they later got their yogurt (1/2 off) and Drama got a new pair of shoes, on sale, plus 20% off. Ha!

So for all you miserly newbies, take notes from the master and get in line!

Laundry Part 2

After reading my last post, I realized how really bad I am at laundry.  I think one of the problems is that I like bleach.  I clean with bleach and it tends to get everywhere. I am also not good at sorting.  Here is some of my recent damages.  By the way, #3 isn't bothered by pink underwear.  Should I be worried?

 The other problem is I am lazy.  I don't have time to be looking through everyone's pockets. Unfortunately, that's where green crayons, sharpies, rock and other weapons of mass destruction hide.  This is some of the crap I pulled out of the washer/dryer on one day.