Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Final Countdown

That makes me think of that headbanger song from the 80's. Funny. This is just for you Queen- 2 days and I am outta here! Super busy with laundry (Drama has so many dirty outfits a day), grooming for Poo (a.k.a. Poodle, a.k.a. Oliver),

TAKING IN CLOTHES cuz I am thinner (note, not skinny) grocery shopping for ravenous wolves, I mean teenagers, Little League team mom stuff and Drama's room mom stuff ( I swear- this is THE last time I am ever doing either!) and packing!

Big Daddy is out of town and hasn't even begun to pack.  He'll just throw in a couple of swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts and shorts and call it good.  Oh, and maybe a toothbrush.  I on the other hand have been writing lists, coordinating and packing for over a week.  I am too excited! Well, wasting time, gotta get moving! 
p.s. Queen- since I don't have your snail mail, I will just have to send you e-post cards from the tropics!


  1. Bon Voyage my little friend!

  2. ooh i am so excited for you. i wish you all the fun, sun and relaxation in the world. oh and a little romance too!! :)

  3. Seriously...have deserve it! So do I...but whatever!!!

  4. Danell! You are looking smashing!!!