Friday, April 17, 2009

The weight is over

Yes, I spelled it right.  After pretending for the last 8 years that I would wake up thin, I actually am doing something about it. I have tried many a time. Worked out at the gym, sometimes twice a day, eat that cabbage soup crap for a week, diet pills a.k.a. speed, and everything but bulimia.  Actually, I got a stomach ache one day from eating a bunch of something, probably chocolate. I had to puke.  But back to the story...

I just kept buying bigger clothes.  It didn't seem to matter to anyone.  Big Daddy, my DH, says he loves me anyway I am.  Thanks.  You kinda have to! This last summer I was at an all time high or huge.  One of the low points was getting into my girlfriends car and my super tight lycra pants split in the seat. Take a look at the photos from my summer trip to Palm Springs (2008).  Yikes.  Yep, wearing a size 16/17.   Not cool when you weigh the same as your 6 foot tall brother. 

Holy Cow!  How did that happen? The answer- food, a lot of food. I love sweets, pastries, cookies and cakes. Enjoy steaks, burgers, . .  I could go on all day.  And that is exactly what I did.

This past summer we had a family reunion where I saw my darling sister-in-law. I hadn't seen her in over 7 years.  She was going through a divorce, and having a difficult time. But she had taken control of the things in her life that she could.  She joined WW (Weight Watchers) and started running.  Man, does she look fab! (BTW, is in now single and ready to mingle!) She inspired me.  It took another 4 months before I said, "THAT"S IT!" We are joining WW!  So 2 weeks before Christmas I signed up, again.  This was round 3 for me. It wasn't easy around the holidays, but helped me make better choices, and I started to lose a little weight.

It's been 18 weeks now, and I am pleased as punch to report that I have achieved my WW goal. That just means I have to keep that weight or less for 6 more weeks and I am a LIFER!  I'm gonna do it, because I am too cheap to do this again. I have lost 18+ pounds on WW, plus another 5 since last summer.  23 pounds is only half way.  My personal goal is 40 lbs. My little brother is getting married in August and that is the motivation to lose the rest. Family photos can be really inspiring. I don't want to be the big sibling this year. My sisters are both thin, really thin. Now that I have lost a chin, we are starting to look related.

So what have I done? Completely changed the way and amount I am eating. No more Del Taco 2 tacos and Mr. Pibb.  No more Tacos Tijuana. No more In-And-Out. I eat tons of fruit and veggies, very light on the red meat, and gallons and gallons of soup. Drink lots. I am a big fan of Crystal Light, and cut back on my Dt. Dr. Pepper to 2 or 3 a week. And the secret ingredient is- flaxseed oil.  It's gross.  Most people mix it in with their food.  I put it in a little cup and drink it like a shot, with a Crystal Light chaser. Then I had to get moving. I still go to the gym, which I really don't enjoy.  But I also walk more. My puppy is very happy these days.

Easter Sunday was a big deal.  I bought a beautiful Tahari suit about 4 months after Libby died.  Thought it would be a good motivation.  Well, it hung in the closet for 5 years!  FIVE YEARS!  Well, I wore it Easter Sunday.
It wasn't too tight and I wasn't worried about splitting any seams.  I don't care if it is out of style.  I don't.  It beautiful and a huge accomplishment to me!  I just may wear it every week until the weather turns awfully hot. People will whisper, "Hasn't she worn that suit every week for the past 3 months?" DON'T CARE!  It's my victory suit.

So now what. About 25 more pounds. Believe me, it's all there, hidden under spanx. 
Thanks to those who have encouraged.  Poo to those of you who left See's candy on my doorstep for Easter.  Sabatour! Yes, I ate it.  Just didn't eat it all at once. Now I have all of these clothes in my closet that actually fit. And I have some beautiful things that don't. I will wait a little longer, then I'm going shopping. Isn't that brilliant!


  1. You look fabulous!!!! Losing weight (and maintaining the loss) is the hardest thing ever! You are an inspiration!

  2. You look great!

    About 6 years ago, I lost about 75 pounds. I've since gained about 15, and now I want to lose that and then some. I've been trying to eat better, and only have one treat a day. And I've been trying to do the elliptical everyday.

    It's not coming off as easy, now that I'm in my 20's, so I have to work harder.

  3. I mean to say, now that I'm NOT in my 20s.

  4. You looked beautiful in that suit. i loved it on you. I am so proud of you!!!

  5. Wow little are dang HOT! Inspiring story. Wish I read it before I did the "Hunt and Gather" when I walked in the door after a day at the office.haha. Have I ever told you that you are one of my favorite people? That personality of yours with your new body just might get you your own talk show. Oprah who..?

  6. Oh man! I was hoping you were going to Maui FAT!!!! I mean, if I can't go, why do you have to go skinny? Rubbing it in huh? Fine!!! (you look great! I am very proud of you, but don't tell anyone I said that!)

  7. Hey congrats! You look fabulous! Keep it up. And blue looks good on you...wear it every week if you want!

  8. Good for you! I'm so proud of you. I can totally relate too. About 2 months ago, I finally said enough is enough! I'm not having any more kids and I'd run out of excuses to why I couldn't work out! It feels so good to finally be doing something for MYSELF after 13+ years. Slowly but surely I am making progress. My goal is just to fit into the clothes that are in my closet and feel good about myself. You go girl!!!

  9. You look amazing! That suit is beautiful - totally still in style. We haven't found a job in Temecula... yet. We're looking in Arizona right now.