Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yes, still alive.

Just in case you were wondering. Still well, still alive. I received a job assignment that keeps me working at least 4 days a week, a 5th if I choose. The opportunity has been great, as well as the pay check. I am working as a Intervention Teacher at our elementary school. Teaching EL, which is my speciality. Downside....little time to blog or do some of the fun stuff I use to do, i.e. laundry, dusting, vacuuming.

I am thinking of giving up my personal blog for a while, perhaps posting pictures of the family and activities, but that's pretty much what I do on Facebook now. This blog was intended for family viewing before FB.

I think I will continue my "craft" blog, and maybe just combine the two into one. I'm not sure. Really don't know if anyone else would mind. Not like I am solving the world's problems here. Just me and my little corner of the universe.

So until next time,

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day was spent with lots of carbs....eggs, french toast, cinnamon rolls, bacon and sausages. Serious heart attack situation. Thanks to those who came to our Open House Brunch. It was nice to relax with friends and play a little.

Our new game....Bananagrams. Totally fun, even if you are a horrible speller. I love it because we don't keep score and I don't have to worry about someone yelling....Your TURN! Shheesh.

Today I am watching the 1st episode of Biggest Loser....Talk about feeling like a lump. Did I mention we ate homemade caramels all day Saturday? Oh brother! Reality has set in.

Not setting any goals this year. Just trying to be a better person each day! Have a great one!