Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Transformation of Lazy Boy

Our oldest son will turn 15 next week. In the past, he was known for his moodiness, lack of motivation and video skills. This year he has amazed me. He has come out of his shell and into his own. For one thing, he has grown about 6 inches in height. All of his pants were too short. His voice has deepened and his face has thinned out. But those are just some of the physical aspects. He has developed a great sense of humor, which is essential in our home. He has become a great student at school, which is always appreciated. He not only attends morning Seminary at 6:00 am before school, he loves it. But most of all....he has gotten off the couch.

We have called him Lazy Boy, to his face mind you, for the past couple of years. We spent a week on a houseboat at Lake Powell a couple of years ago. Great opportunity for swimming, exploring, skiing, wakeboarding. Nope, playing Game Boy on the couch. Sheesh!

But Lazy Boy he is no more. I have renamed him "Iron Man". And I have LaCrosse to thank for that. Iron Man joined the high school LaCrosse team just before Christmas. Practicing for2 hours a day, 6 days a week has been remarkable. His metamorphose has begun.

Here are some pictures of Iron Man at his first scrimmage yesterday. He is in the purple penny.

Still sweet, kind and honest...soon to be the greatest all-around boy on the block.
I will be accepting applications for dating. Although he can't date for a will take me that long to narrow down the field for him.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Happy MLK, Jr. Day


It's true, it's true. Sweet Pea has been accepted to the college of my choice. After 3 months of waiting, praying and agonizing, she got her acceptance last Saturday. She will be attending BYU-Idaho in the fall 2010! Hooray!!!

Here she is with her friend, Reno Girl, who also will be attending college with Sweet Pea.
Way to Go Girls!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year's 2010

This post is another very selfish ones.
My family spent Christmas at my parents home. I had 4 out of my 6 siblings there. It was lovely. Staying up too late, talking. watching movies, and eating.
Just to make sure we have a little bit of a spiritual tie-in, we have out annual visit to the cemetary.

These are my wonderful parents, Momsy and Popsicle. They are the BEST.
My dad and I both have a "Queen Elizabeth" rose bush in our yards. Amazingly, they are extremely hardy and beautiful. Both of ours have lovely blooms, even now, and has grown over 6 feet tall this season. The buds on my bush were not quite ready, but Popsicle had a perfect flower for Libby's gravesite.

Drama and Lazy Boy cleaning off the gravemarker.

Since this is the children's section of the cemetery, there are many, many holiday displays with toys, trees, lights, etc. It makes me kind of sad. What if the loved ones of those children think that is it? They will never see their child again. We have gone and found a virtual picnic going on. A canopy, chairs, table, food. Very strange to me. I suppose that is how they display their love and honor for their loved one.
That made me think. I do I show my love and honor. Am I an honorable person? Do my actions and words reflect my feelings and commitment? If you were to base your answer solely on the statements and comments made here, no. This is my dark side.
So, my goal (I don't do resolutions..sounds to much like the United Nations getting involved)
is to reflect in my words and deeds those things I believe. Easily said, difficult to do.
So those of you who know me, next time you see me going off at a customer in Walmart, please call me on it. I'm going to need your help.
Happy New Year's!