Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Transformation of Lazy Boy

Our oldest son will turn 15 next week. In the past, he was known for his moodiness, lack of motivation and video skills. This year he has amazed me. He has come out of his shell and into his own. For one thing, he has grown about 6 inches in height. All of his pants were too short. His voice has deepened and his face has thinned out. But those are just some of the physical aspects. He has developed a great sense of humor, which is essential in our home. He has become a great student at school, which is always appreciated. He not only attends morning Seminary at 6:00 am before school, he loves it. But most of all....he has gotten off the couch.

We have called him Lazy Boy, to his face mind you, for the past couple of years. We spent a week on a houseboat at Lake Powell a couple of years ago. Great opportunity for swimming, exploring, skiing, wakeboarding. Nope, playing Game Boy on the couch. Sheesh!

But Lazy Boy he is no more. I have renamed him "Iron Man". And I have LaCrosse to thank for that. Iron Man joined the high school LaCrosse team just before Christmas. Practicing for2 hours a day, 6 days a week has been remarkable. His metamorphose has begun.

Here are some pictures of Iron Man at his first scrimmage yesterday. He is in the purple penny.

Still sweet, kind and honest...soon to be the greatest all-around boy on the block.
I will be accepting applications for dating. Although he can't date for a will take me that long to narrow down the field for him.


  1. Mine is I have to wait much longer before he is not lazy?

  2. Way to go w/the new name, Iron Man!! I didn't realize that LaCrosse was poplular out west. Here in NY it's crazy popular and most kids (boys and girls) play sometime while growing up and it's taken pretty seriously. Good luck w/your season!!