Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

I keep thinking of all these wierd
things about myself.  They are what make me tick.  Wanna see?

A.  I almost ALWAYS ride on shopping carts coming out of a store (Target, Vons, Home Depot, Costco.. you get the picture) across the parking lot until I get to my car.  People always look to see if I have a small child riding with me.  Nope, just me

B.  I love aprons.  My current favorite is a birthday gift from my sister Jenny.  It's almost too cute to wear.  I save it for company, not cleaning.

C.  I have a lead foot.  I am often confused for a poor driver.  I am a decent driver.  I just want to get there fast.  
I want to be the Stig.

D.  I had Lasik surgery about 3 years ago.  Completely changed my life.  I have worn glasses since 3rd grade.  Granted, the purple tinted lenses in 1979 were awesome, but without the "specks" couldn't see a thing. 

E.  Lexapro, Spanx and granite counter tops are the greatest inventions in my life.  All cover up a myriad of sins.

F.  I am slightly OCD.  Now, I know you are thinking, "ME
 TOO".  Well, you're not.  Did you spend HOURS in Costco reorganizing and alphabetizing the photos?  And, I didn't even work there! I would go to pick up my pictures and see a pack out of alphabetical order and moved it to it's correct place.  Then I would see the same name and address.  Well, I had to put those together also.  I can't even tell you how much time I wasted there. Thank heavens for meds. See E.

G.  I  think I am a pretty good cook.  I love to bake, 
hence the extra poundage.  I only cook food I like, 
which is almost everything. My family is very picky.  Especially #3.  He only eats Top Ramen and cereal.  I don't like Brussels sprouts or organs, like tripe or liver.  Also, not so much on fish. I'll eat halibut, but give me a med/rare fillet and I am a happy camper.

H.  My family says I talk loudly, especially on the phone. Sorry.

I.  I wear a perfect women's 10.5 narrow shoe.  They are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find.  Most shoes I purchase are too big or too small, but gotta make it work.  Why don't maufacturers make 10.5?  Shoe sizes are, for example, 8, 8.5, 9,9.5, 10 then 11.  What gives?  I have to buy shoes in the WNBA/Transvesite department. Most nice shoes I own are from Nordstrom.  They will actually order shoes for me at no extra charge. 

J.  I am not a chocolate fan ( say, Hershey's bar) but I love Junior Mints/ Peppermint patties.  Haven't had any in months.    Also, love lemon bars, shortcake cookies and pastry to chocolate or brownies. Don't get my wrong. I'll pound a box 
of See's nuts and chews faster that anyone.

K.  My musical idol is Karen Carpenter.  One of my first lps (records) was "Ticket to Ride". Love her.  She had a beautiful Alto voice and could play the drums.  

L.  I had over 50 college roommates.  Some, Kristen, Shelley, and sister Kelly are still some of my best friends.  Love you gals even though you were slobs.  Oh, that was me. Sorry.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Sometimes I question whether or not I am very lady like.  In fact, most times, I know I am not.  Thank heavens I have healthy affinity for shoes!  But I digress.

I have been thinking a lot about the work "dude". I have heard it used for years.  In fact I just watch "Bil and Te'd Excellent Adventure" last night with my boys.  Dude was a promenant term. It is in almost everyone's vocabulary in some form. I recently discovered, thanks to our Australian exchange student who explained to us, that dude means "camel dung". Ok. Now let's rethink dude. Dude reminds me of spitting and guy stuff. Dude also makes me think of Chuck Norris . When I say dude, I am empowered and I do a round house kick to knock you on your can. But I know a lot of women that use it (C & J). It's kind of endearing. "Dude". I am one of the gang. 

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning in a warehouse (seriously, look at what my husband makes me do to keep my glamorous life style- Dude!). While I was sweeping, a huge, creepy spider/tarantula crawled out.  Now, spiders do not bother me.  And I can't do that high pitch girly scream.  But it did startle me, so what did I do?  I shouted to no one, "DUDE!".  Is that pathetic?

 While I don't condone the consumption of beer, I loved this ad where the "guy" only used the word dude to convey different emotions.  

Dude, that's funny!  

Friday, January 23, 2009

American Idol

I decided I need to update my personal ranting, I meaning happy place more often.  Nothing brilliant yet, other than American Idol.  Hum. Liking the Cara gal.  Not quite sure I am as excited this season.  I am over these former artists competing against real, NEW talent.  I.E.... Joanna Pacitti.  Yes, she has a decent voice, very well groomed and will look on camera, but, huh, nothing to write home about.   So far, there are a couple of guys, including that cutie from Tuesday night.  I'll have to watch again to get his name.  Also, that emo guy from Hollywood.  Could have potential.  Who do you think is a potential this season? Comment here and we'll get this party started as soon as everyone makes it to Hollywood.