Monday, January 26, 2009


Sometimes I question whether or not I am very lady like.  In fact, most times, I know I am not.  Thank heavens I have healthy affinity for shoes!  But I digress.

I have been thinking a lot about the work "dude". I have heard it used for years.  In fact I just watch "Bil and Te'd Excellent Adventure" last night with my boys.  Dude was a promenant term. It is in almost everyone's vocabulary in some form. I recently discovered, thanks to our Australian exchange student who explained to us, that dude means "camel dung". Ok. Now let's rethink dude. Dude reminds me of spitting and guy stuff. Dude also makes me think of Chuck Norris . When I say dude, I am empowered and I do a round house kick to knock you on your can. But I know a lot of women that use it (C & J). It's kind of endearing. "Dude". I am one of the gang. 

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning in a warehouse (seriously, look at what my husband makes me do to keep my glamorous life style- Dude!). While I was sweeping, a huge, creepy spider/tarantula crawled out.  Now, spiders do not bother me.  And I can't do that high pitch girly scream.  But it did startle me, so what did I do?  I shouted to no one, "DUDE!".  Is that pathetic?

 While I don't condone the consumption of beer, I loved this ad where the "guy" only used the word dude to convey different emotions.  

Dude, that's funny!  


  1. So Funny...and what are you talkin about-not ladylike- you are PRINCESS DANELL! Total dude-ette.

  2. that was a great post and i can totally see you saying "dude" as Bennett or Cooper or hey even Oliver does something annoying. ha ha i am making myself laugh. you are you and wonderful just the way you are - love ya!!!!