Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blake and Chandy

Finally got some pictures of my baby brudder's wedding. Blake and Chandy were married on August 21st. They are now preggers! Yikes!!! I take a little credit for that. It was the honeymoon gift I got them.

Cute family picture

Notice Drama on the right.
He was a complete pill all day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Drama!

Yesterday my baby, Drama turned 9 years old. He asked for 7 layer casserole for his dinner. I was tired from working (back in my favorite Kinder class) and mad at him for snubbing my pork tenderloin dinner the night before. So, he had hot dogs. Happy Birthday! I was in that kind of mood.
I did, however, scrounge up enough energy to throw a birthday party for him on Saturday. It was a smallish pool party with 6 his friends.
The temperature was over 95 degrees. The last, we hope, of the super hot days. We played shooting gallery with Legos and water guns, Hot Wheel races with water guns and everyone jump on Lazy Boy and try to drown him. I think that was the group favorite.

My favorite part was the birthday cake. Did something a little different this year. Everyone over 12 loved it. I made little "sliders" cakes for each of the boys.

They were made from cupcakes cut in half, a brownie "patty", "ketchup" frosting and color coconut for the "lettuce". They were actually quite yummy.

The party boys liked the ice cream sundaes better.
Love you Drama...xoxo Mommy

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Biker Punks

Saturday was Drama's birthday party. He will turn 9 tomorrow. Yikes! Can't believe he has lived, I mean, he is 9 already. We were scrambling about the house, getting ready for the party when a friend dropping off his son told us our house got tagged. I though toilet papered, which isn't too bad. But no...
This is what we saw
Big Daddy's company car egged
Chocolate sauce says: Let us ride!
(at least they spelled it right)

Yes the biker boys had made a visit to our house. Now I am sure many of you saw this coming. My neighbor the CHP called it. He has survelliance cameras and I need to see if he caught anything on film.
I felt so mad, then bad for Big Daddy and his car. I called the police and the dispatcher sent over a real police officer this time, a WOMAN! Yeah, baby! Told her the story, including last week's conversation with Officer No Help Whatsoever. She didn't know who he was and was shocked when I shared the following line from Office He Who Shall Not Be Named: "Well, they are teenage boys, and I would do the same think if I were them." No kidding! Officer HWSNBN actually said that.
Well, Officer Girlfriend is getting ready for a frontal assault. She is contacting the middle school principal on Monday, and their "Resource" Officer (a.k.a campus cop), then she is going to patrol the neighborhood from 3pm - 8pm everyday. Then, she said she will follow up with me. SIGH!!! Thank you!!!
Officer Spice Girl asked me some questions of her report. Middle name, place of employment, etc. She smiled when I said I worked for the school district and taught primary grades, and said, "A ha! That's why! You can't rationalize with these kids. They are punks. Don't talk to them any more. I will take care of it." BAM! Thank you! She gave me her card with her number and the minute I see anyone, she gets a call and will come right over. After that, I felt better. After Big Daddy was able to wash off the car without damage, I felt much better, and was ready to party.
During church I thought about making cookies and leaving them for the biker punks, kind of a peace offering. But then, I thought about putting Exlax in the baked goods. Just keep fighting that little devil sitting on my shoulder.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn, or A trip to the Sun

I have had the last day or two without work. I almost feel guilty doing laundry and dishes. Sheesh! I actually got a few minutes to work in my craft room. Please note: Said room is also a computer room, dog napping area and kid mess hangout. I finished a couple of cards I have been thinking about doing...just in time for fall.

Only problem, fall failed to show up. It was 104 today, and we don't live in Vegas or Death Valley. We are pretty much over the hot weather, and looking forward to more appropriate football weather ( BYU vs. SD---Oct 18th!!!!). I give the weather gods permission to leave the heat until Drama's bday Water Palooza on Saturday. After that, I expect, NO, I DEMAND cooler temperature!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Politically Correct

I have a hot button when it comes to a few things. One of them is the dirt hill at the end of my cul-de-sac. It use to be landscaped until some stupid middle school boys decided it was a great place to ride their bikes. Last week I got really tired of asking nicely, pointing to the sign that says "No bicycle riding in this area", and yelling a said dumbos. I got so feed up I called the Sheriff's department. While waiting for Officer $(#&% to show up, idiot boy #3 asked if he could ride up the hill (that is almost destroyed) until the cops come. I said, NO! He asked why not. I asked if he was retarded. Can you say that anymore? I thought it appropriate. I didn't think he was actually retarded, but perhaps his mental capacity had come to a halt. This boy has the audacity to act as if he was offended by my comment. No, I think just a few too many fall off the bike onto your head, son.
As for the police officer, don't even get me started. I think I called him a whimp or woosey to his face. "Stay tuned to another episode of Crazy Lady, same channel, same time next week"
Update: No bike riders for a week now. Maybe the word got out that the neighborhood witch actually called the cops. Hopefully the landscape will return.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Candy

Everyone likes candy. I love those nasty, gooey, orange slices rolled in chunky sugar. I can feel the cavities forming now. However, I also love blog candy. If you like free goodies, and who doesn't, check out this website to enter for a free Halloween crafty giveaway. I think these are all sugar free, darn!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am reading this book "Outliers", fully recommended and partially read aloud by my husband to put me to sleep. Actually, it is a really great book. If you read "Freakanomics", you'll enjoy this one. Anyways, the author takes a different look at how some people have become successful.

“It is not the brightest who succeed,” Gladwell writes. “Nor is success simply the sum of the decisions and efforts we make on our own behalf. It is, rather, a gift. Outliers are those who have been given opportunities — and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them.”

I am beginning to think a little more about my children's success. It's too late for me. I should have really gone for that theater actor bit. Alas....
Back to the kids. Sweet Pea is a senior, almost too late for her too. Lazy Boy is, well Lazy. That leaves Drama. The boy began 3rd grade this year. He has already submitted his academy award clip to the committee. That is a separate post that will come later. This is an actual quote from Drama last month after church, or maybe during:
"All the colors in my imagination are gray because I am bored."
Who talks like that?
I tell everyone "I am grooming Drama for greatness". I have no idea what that will be, but it will include the following:
4th Grade- Student Council, piano, Scouting-Wolf Rank, Little League

5th Grade - Student Council, Middle School Band( Instrument of my choice), Scouting-Weblos Rank, Little League

6th Grade- Band, piano, Student Body member, Scouting-11 year old Rank, Little League MVP

7th Grade- Band piano, Student Body member, Scouting-Tenderfoot/First/Second Class Scouting Rank,Travel Ball team, Debate Team

8th grade-Band, piano, Student Body member,Star/Life Scouting Rank, Travel Ball team, Debate Team

9th Grade-Band, piano, ASB Freshman President, Eagle Scout,JV baseball, Debate Team, Math Club President, Seminary 100 % attendance and Scripture Mastery

10th Grade-Band, piano,Seminary 100 % attendance and Scripture Mastery ASB Sophmore Class President, JV baseball, Debate Team, Math Club President,Drama Club, Chess Club.

11th Grade-Band, piano, Seminary 100 % attendance and Scripture Mastery, ASB Junior President, Varsity baseball, Debate Team, Math Club President, Drama Club, Chess Club, Honor Society.

12th Grade-Band, piano, Seminary 100 % attendance and Scripture Mastery, ASB Senior President, Varsity baseball, Debate Team, Math Club President, Drama Club, Chess Club, Honor Society, Jazz Ensemble

If we stick to the plan, he MAY be able to get into BYU-Honduras. Then we have a whole separate plan for post high school. Stay tuned. Poor kid. He doesn't stand a chance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

70 Sucks

September 1st was my dad's 70's birthday. For his birthday I gave him a jar full of suckers...70 sucks. But I don't think it does for him. He continually amazes me. He doesn't act or look much like 70, or at least what 70 years old use to look like. Here he is blowing out his 7 decade candles with Drama.Popsicle is funny in many ways. He has a great sense of humor, as do almost everyone in my family. That's why Big Daddy married me. Popsicle is a car guy. He drives a wicked sweet Porsche, which I have NEVER had a ride in, let alone drive. He owns almost any and every tool every made. In fact, if he can't find a tool he is looking for, he'll go and buy a new one. I am sure Home Depot has him on their preferred customer list.
He is very particular about his lawn and yard. When I was younger, he would spend each Saturday mowing, trimming and pruning his lawn. That was followed by the "hosing down of the street". He would probably get arrested for this now. In fact, maybe he still does this. Don't tell the DWP. Anyways, he puts on his blue Vans, much like Mr. Rodgers did. Then rolls up his jeans and turns on the hose full blast washing the driveway and gutters clean. Squeeky clean. cement.

My kids think he is so cool. He has cool toys and does cool things.
Happy Birthday Popsicle. Here is to 70 more years!