Tuesday, September 8, 2009

70 Sucks

September 1st was my dad's 70's birthday. For his birthday I gave him a jar full of suckers...70 sucks. But I don't think it does for him. He continually amazes me. He doesn't act or look much like 70, or at least what 70 years old use to look like. Here he is blowing out his 7 decade candles with Drama.Popsicle is funny in many ways. He has a great sense of humor, as do almost everyone in my family. That's why Big Daddy married me. Popsicle is a car guy. He drives a wicked sweet Porsche, which I have NEVER had a ride in, let alone drive. He owns almost any and every tool every made. In fact, if he can't find a tool he is looking for, he'll go and buy a new one. I am sure Home Depot has him on their preferred customer list.
He is very particular about his lawn and yard. When I was younger, he would spend each Saturday mowing, trimming and pruning his lawn. That was followed by the "hosing down of the street". He would probably get arrested for this now. In fact, maybe he still does this. Don't tell the DWP. Anyways, he puts on his blue Vans, much like Mr. Rodgers did. Then rolls up his jeans and turns on the hose full blast washing the driveway and gutters clean. Squeeky clean. cement.

My kids think he is so cool. He has cool toys and does cool things.
Happy Birthday Popsicle. Here is to 70 more years!


  1. What a sweet and sentimental post about your dad! My dad will be 70 in January and I agree, 70 sure ain't what it used to be!

  2. HOw great is that! My dad was the same way! We got a bunch of his tools when he died and we don't even know what they are for! He fixed up old cars...he had a mean 57 Chev!

  3. How sweet that post is! He looks like one cute guy!