Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Drama!

Yesterday my baby, Drama turned 9 years old. He asked for 7 layer casserole for his dinner. I was tired from working (back in my favorite Kinder class) and mad at him for snubbing my pork tenderloin dinner the night before. So, he had hot dogs. Happy Birthday! I was in that kind of mood.
I did, however, scrounge up enough energy to throw a birthday party for him on Saturday. It was a smallish pool party with 6 his friends.
The temperature was over 95 degrees. The last, we hope, of the super hot days. We played shooting gallery with Legos and water guns, Hot Wheel races with water guns and everyone jump on Lazy Boy and try to drown him. I think that was the group favorite.

My favorite part was the birthday cake. Did something a little different this year. Everyone over 12 loved it. I made little "sliders" cakes for each of the boys.

They were made from cupcakes cut in half, a brownie "patty", "ketchup" frosting and color coconut for the "lettuce". They were actually quite yummy.

The party boys liked the ice cream sundaes better.
Love you Drama...xoxo Mommy


  1. Those hamburger cakes are so cute!! Happy birthday to Drama!

  2. How adorable my dear! (note to self: steal idea... slider cupcakes)

  3. What did you make the cheese out of??

  4. Oops..forgot the cheese. It was colored fondant. It looks gross, but actually they were very tasty.