Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn, or A trip to the Sun

I have had the last day or two without work. I almost feel guilty doing laundry and dishes. Sheesh! I actually got a few minutes to work in my craft room. Please note: Said room is also a computer room, dog napping area and kid mess hangout. I finished a couple of cards I have been thinking about doing...just in time for fall.

Only problem, fall failed to show up. It was 104 today, and we don't live in Vegas or Death Valley. We are pretty much over the hot weather, and looking forward to more appropriate football weather ( BYU vs. SD---Oct 18th!!!!). I give the weather gods permission to leave the heat until Drama's bday Water Palooza on Saturday. After that, I expect, NO, I DEMAND cooler temperature!


  1. Way cute cards you domestic goddess you!!!

  2. I love the cards you've made! Wonderful punched pumpkins. And I hear you about the heat. we will be in the upper 90's here today.

    Great cards!