Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheap is Chic

I am annoyed by the fact the everyone is getting on the frugal bandwagon.  I have been a penny pincher for ever.  

Exhibit A:  While on a trip away from home, I forgot a case to keep my contacts in.  I was even at a Walmart that same evening, picked up a new case for about $2, and said to myself "$2!"  I'm not buying this." And I put it back.  Back at the hotel I came up with a clever idea to put one contact into a plastic cup and insert in the morning.  What I didn't plan for was my brother (let's choose Mike) who poured Root Beer into said cups and DRANK my contacts. Actually they went down the drain. Now I am blind and had to buy new contacts.

Exhibit B:  I have taught the children to "troll for bottles."  Drama is especially good at this.  When we first moved into our home there was a lot of construction, which means workers, which means soda/beer which in the mind of a 5 year old means $$$$.  I would drive down the street as my recycling soldier ran through framed homes and rubble to gather bottles and cans, like a war orphan.  Drama has been able to buy lots of junk with his plunder. 

Exhibit C:  Coupons.  I have been cutting, sorting, filing and using coupons for years. Sunday afternoon I need one hour to go through the newspaper.  I read all the "slick ads"  then cut my coupons. I don't do much without a coupon. Yesterday I told the kids I would buy them a treat at the new yogurt place, but had forgotten the coupon at home. No coupon, no treat.  Boy were they mad.  But they later got their yogurt (1/2 off) and Drama got a new pair of shoes, on sale, plus 20% off. Ha!

So for all you miserly newbies, take notes from the master and get in line!


  1. That ship has so sailed for me!!! I shudder at the days I cut coupons!

  2. I clip coupons but I'm not good using them to their fullest. Help!!

  3. Good Danell but do you let everyone else out there buy all the name brand clothes for your kids like I do? I tell you thrift stores for boy's especially, are the best! Barely used clothes and if you go to the right thrift stores on the right Friday's you get an additional 50% off.......its all about the pinching......and if your kids want free cheeseburgers from in-n-out the library is having there annual read 15 books and for each 5 the kiddies get there free cheeseburger...But hurry its over on the 14th I think...Life is just more exciting this way seeking the "BARGAIN". I totally hear you!!!