Thursday, July 10, 2008

Motorcycle Lessons

Stan got a bee in his bonnet a couple of years ago about getting a motorcycle license.  I told him it was irresponsible for a father with small children to do that (thanks, Dr. Laura).  Then Steve and Luanne told him about an awesome day trip they took in Maui by motorcycle.  Now he is determined.  Steve brought over his little motorcycle to give Stan a first lesson.  Luanne and I were in the house when Cooper came running in "Dad crashed and needs a towel."  Good Gravy! He actually jumped the curb and dropped the bike on himself, in an effort to prevent damage.  Well, a wet washcloth, a nasty couple of scrapes (ask to see his forearm) and he was back on the bike.  The dog loved chasing him around.  He'll be taking an actual class next month.  Crash updates to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Tell him Ross says "Good on him. Take a class and enjoy himself."

    That bike looks like it is a little smaller than Ross's Yamaha 225 dual sport.

    Here's the thing - make sure he gets a good, full face helmet (Ross, having experienced and paid for Michelle's jaw surgery has a great appreciation for the fragility of that body part) and make sure he WEARS it, as well as full protective clothing - long sleeves, long pants, boots.

    Then, have him take the class so he can handle the bike, and he'll have a ball. Get yourself a helmet too, and have him get a KTM bike that is big enough you can ride along. It's a blast.

    --Your sister in law GL