Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Anti-Twilight-Nephite

Last year when all the hub bub about a new book series came along, I listened.  Then everyone became fanatical, then crazed, now, down right obsessed about vampires.  Yes, yes, I know, :"it's a love story."  Well, I'll pass.  I was going to wait and read the book before the movie came out, now, I don't think I will read the books, EVER.  I may not even see the movie.  I may forbid my teenage daughter to see the movie. So please, don't tell me,  "YOU JUST HAVE TO READ IT."  No, I don't.  And if you ask my husband, if you tell me I HAVE to do anything, well, right there you lost me.  FREE WILL!!!

The Anti-Twilight-Nephite*      copyright shane traveller


  1. I have seen the light and am joining the ranks of the Anti-Twilight Nephites. I have acutually read the first 3 books, but they got old fast. Didn't hold my interest. Main character WHINES. Not planning on reading the next one EVER.

    ATNs RULE!!!

  2. so i'm curious - what is it that has you all fired up about Twilight? that it is about vampires or that it she is LDS and is writing about vampires or something else. curious minds want to know more.... :)

  3. I read the first book and it was a lot of, "Exceedingly handsome and pale Edward with his cold, cold skin." Oh, the drama!

  4. I don't even know you, but like you already!! I am joining the ranks of ATN!! Woo Hoo! Love your blog. You made me laugh out loud!
    (I'm friends with Kristen, by the way)