Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Relief

Horray!  The election has finally come to an end.  I have mixed emotions.  I am elated to hear that YES on Prop 8 finally passed.  We, family, friends, neighbors, etc., worked so hard to make sure that the traditional definition of marriage remains that of a man and woman.  I think it was a hard slung battle on both sides. After reflecting on the past 2 weeks, I think this has been one of those defining events. There is no room for fence sitters, gray area or maybes. You either stand for Truth and Righteousness, or you don't. I do. I try to. I try to teach that to my children.

Now as for the president, I really am on Hold. I would have preferred it he did not win, but he did. This is America. I am content to wait and see. He could surprise the conservative portion of the country and be successful. I am more concerned with the Democrats in Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The prayers will continue.

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