Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Decorations

Well, the first week of December has come and gone. I thought I would be pretty on top of the decorations, but then my brain gets in the way.
About 2 years ago we had a little plumbing leak, which left a patch on the wall in the dining room. I looked at the patch everyday for 2 years, and I couldn't stand it any longer.
I decided since I had to repaint the wall, why not make it better. I had the paint matched, but at 300 %. That's like tripling the color. So I painted a couple of accent walls.
The dining room and living room were a mess. And I was suppose to be setting out Christmas decorations. Right!
Here's Mr. Oliver supervising my construction.

I spent all day Friday painting, cleaning, vacuuming and decorating. And today, I am happy.
Here is my beautiful "Pretty" tree. I had some left over stuff so I "Vickified" it. If you know Ms. Walker, you know what I mean. I'd like to channel her creativity when it comes to home decor. I am usually just too lazy.
But, tah-dah....I am happy with the rooms now.


You may notice "Scout, the Christmas Elf" in the candle display.

Wowzers....don't know what happened to this..but it is my Nativity collection

Now just have to do the "Kids" tree. Yikes!!!

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