Friday, July 30, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation, 2010

Our summer has not been too exciting. No big vacations ( Yes, I hear you Hawaii.) Big Daddy and Iron Man were away on their adventure on Lake Mead. I thought the orphans at home should have fun. We live so close to San Diego, but hardly ever go there. So, packed up the car and took Sweet Pea and Drama down south.

I had our itinerary planned out, but we got a little lost and went from Z to A. It worked out better, usually does. Our first stop was Coronado. From San Diego we drove over the bay on a very narrow and tall bridge. Heights usually don't bother me, but this was creepy.

We walked along the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado, looked at sea creatures, watched planes coming in and got our feet wet in the golden sand. It really looks like gold in the water. We walked through the hotel were we saw movie memorabilia from the famous film "Some Like it Hot", which was shot there.

We walked through Coronado village and went to one of my favorite places is called Seaside Papery. Of course they sell invitations and lovely cards,The window display is WOW (see HERE) and the butterflies are amazing.

We also bought overpriced chocolate pecan turtles and taffy and had lunch at the Beach-n-Diner with fabulous onion rings.

Deep Fried Onion Coma setting in.

The road that goes through town had a huge grass berm in the middle. It's filled with beautiful flowers, roses, bushes and arbors. Note to self: Make front yard look like Coronado.

After lunch, we drove to Old Town San Diego to visit the Mormon Battallion. It has been closed for quite a while and just recently reopened. All I can say is WOW! Glad to know my tithing is going to something cool. The Church really stepped it up a couple of Disneyland status. Drama's favorite part was trying on costumes and panning for gold (pyrite).

From the Mormon Battalion we walk down Old Town and bought more over priced candy. I mean, seriously. I paid over $3 for stupid gum on a roll for Drama and $6.50 for a handful of Dr. Pepper jelly beans. They were, however, DELISH!

By now lunch has long worn off and it's time for our last stop- IKEA. We were dorm shopping for Sweet Pea, looking for some awesome deals. Our big score of the day was spice jars to hold my buttons and wrapping paper, 3 rolls for 99 cents! But the real deal was dinner. Have you ever had those IKEA meatballs? Yummy! Sweet Pea and I split a plate of those tasty dudes. Drama also had the meatballs, of course, with a side of mac & cheese. Remind me to tell you the story of when he order mac & cheese, with 2 sides of man & cheese at Claim Jumpers.

So, our orphans trip out turn out to be really fun. Our tummies were full, pocket books empty and legs tires, but we were happy.
The End


  1. So fun! I love San Diego. I grew up in Southern California, and I would never want to move back. Except to SD. I could live there.

  2. San Diego is one of my very all time favorite places to go! Jay and I honeymooned there and we've spent many a weekend there since having kids as well. One of the places I miss most about living in the East now. The new redone Mormon Battalion looks awesome! Jay has an ancestor who was part of that. :)

  3. I'm a big fan of an abundance of hanging things. I love the window display.

  4. I always have dreams about bridges like that! (never sen any in real life myself though) and I LOVE IKEA (and their meatballs too) :-D

  5. I love reading about summer vacations! You have some pretty fantastic photos as well! It looks like you had a wonderful time in San Diego. I'd love to go some day!