Sunday, February 1, 2009

Number 2 Turns 14

It's true.  #2 turned 14 years old last week. Dad and #3 went to Pole Position with him for his activity. He got a year membership to ride go karts in a warehouse.  When I was a kid, my dad bought us a go kart without an engine.  We tied it to the back of a 10-speed bike and spun around the elementary school playground.  This seem much more uptown.

The Sunday following his bday, #2 was ordained a teacher in the Aaron priesthood.  Thanks to Bro Staffieri, Bishop Ham, Dad and Bro. Dixon.  All great men, leaders and examples.
Look at that handsome kid!  I predict lots of broken hearts in the future..

Now, this is what he wanted for his birthday cake.  CANDY!   White cake with pink frosting (you can't even see it), sour air heads, topped with skittles. It was totally gross.

Nasty!  The rest of us had strawberry shortcake!

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