Monday, February 23, 2009

Ticking People Off and Making Enemies

Most days I wonder, "Who am I going to tick off and make my new enemy".  I don't hate anyone, anymore. It's just people bug me and make me crazy.  Let me be more specific: irresponsible, stupid, law-breaking, or obnoxious.  Is that a large group?

I am that person in the grocery store with my card ready to scan, paying attention, politely greeting the cashier.  I don't engage is small talk, because I know that might draw out the process and delay the line behind me (isn't that considerate of me).  I am also the lady who gives small children (13 and under) the stink eye when they are misbehaving and they know it.  I am the lady that uses a soft, deep, scary voice to those children when they continue with inappropriate behavior (screaming in the grocery store, texting at church or running wildly about me, etc.) I know where to grab them on the arm that will not leave a bruise.

Today's incident went something like this:
Young lady, approximately 20-22 years old talking on her cell phone while driving (Pet Peeve RED ALERT!) At the red light, I stared her down until she stopped talking and looked at me.  I said, in my most polite voice (not that saccharine fake voice that others do so well), "You know you are talking on your cell phone while driving.  Not only is that illegal, it's dangerous." (frown-smile). She replied, "It's none of your business."  I retorted, "It is my business when you endanger others around you by your carelessness." (fake smile).  And here is the best part, she yelled back, "We'll my sister works for the police department."  I laughed out loud and waved goodbye. Oh.....(sigh).  Another enemy on my list. Who will it be tomorrow?  You?


  1. Good for you Danell...but sorry you are too well liked to be a meany...I don't believe it!

  2. You should have thrown your diet coke at her! How come I don't have a happy place?