Friday, August 14, 2009

Back -To-School

Introduction: This entry could go either way. But, I will save opinions for a day when I feel the fight has returned. Today I still feel icky.

It's "Back-to-School" season already. The kiddos are excited to move on to their next adventure. Drama meet his new 3rd grade teacher, Mr. X. His first male teacher. This could be a good thing. I told Drama that when he has to tell about himself, share that he is "loquacious". He totally is, and he knows it too.

Lazy Boy begins high school. Once again, it could go anyway. In his mind, he is all that and a bag of chips. He could be, just needs to act on that. BE BRAVE LAZY BOY, BE BRAVE!

Sweet Pea is a Senior! Hooray!!! We'll see what kind of shenanigans she gets into. Oh, you rascally ACT's! You silly college applications!

Back to school season always includes a shopping trip for supplies. Of course, we forgot ours at home, so we guessed. I have been doing this long enough to guess at 3rd grade needs. And it doesn't include Wii games.

I took the boys to Walmart this afternoon. I shopped for school stuff and they played video games. That's about right. It's not like that haven't done that all day, every day this summer.

The Walmart in our town has been under construction for a few months. It is slowly transforming into a (note: please read with booming echo voice) SUPER WALMART!
Every time I walk into that place, it's changed. The this is over here, that that is over there. YIKES! You just can run in anymore and grab a gallon of milk. However, I will wander around until I figure out where I am for fully stocked shelves. That was a pet peeve of mine. Nothing was every there. Always out of stock. And now the isles are wide and luxurious, just like when Kramer repainted the stripes on the highway. But for now, still empty.

I have badmouthed Walmart and even boycotted for while because I couldn't stand the retardedness ( I know, neither grammatically or politically correct) of it's employees and customers. It seemed the lowest common denominator ended up in the check out counter in front of me. I am a woman of very little patience when it comes to shopping. But now, I must face the facts that I will be shopping a lot at the Walmart. It's just too convenient and cheap to not shop there. I just have to: 1) not be in a hurry; 2) take deep breaths in line; 3) take some happy pills before shopping; and 4) don't engage in conversation or disagreements with other customers or employees.

So, with a forced smile, I say "Welcome Walmart".

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  1. I agree...I normally am a Target gal myself...but with the expansion....I might have to change my shopping ways.