Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall and Stuff

School has been in session for over 6 weeks. How is that possible?
Time is spinning without my permission.
Here are a couple of updates.

Drove to Las Vegas and lunch at the Rio with the Queen
(She is cuter and thinner in person!)
went to the new Hobby Lobby in Henderson,
where I unfortunately found nothing to purchase,
attended my nephew W's baptism
took Sweet Pea to college
and met her new roommates
Drama began 4th grade
received his Bear award in Cub Scouts,
was awarded Student of the Month for September
(Big Daddy says he makesa good first impression)
and turned 10 years old.

Lazy Boy took the month off. Actually, he began 10th grade, seminary, working on his driving permit and is currently nursing a ruptured ear drum while playing Wii and watching Top Gear.


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  1. Wow if I knew you were going to Las Vegas to visit the quilting girl, I would have told you to say Hi! She was the person that called you when I was at the quilt class in St. George last Spring. It was just too funny that we had never met, but we both knew you!!!!