Tuesday, June 30, 2009

7 Things

I have a blogging friend "The Queen". We haven't actually met, so she could be one of the following Queens:

Defender of the Faith

Anywho...she has tagged me and I accept the 7 Things Challenge. Now I am to follow some rules.  Everyone knows I am not good at that. I am suppose to share 7 things about myself that nobody knows. That is going to be tough because I have a hard time keeping my mouth closed and opinions to myself, so everything is pretty much out there already. So, here goes....

1. I always wanted to play the cello or drums. The cello is so sophisticated, completely unlike me. The drums are so Karen Carpenter.

2.  I don't like people touching me. Specifically, I do not enjoy double cheek kisses or when Big Daddy rubs the beds of my finger nails. Totally creeps me out. It's ok now, he knows better. However, I love sincere hugs!

3.  I remember faces and names of almost everyone I have met. Does that make me a great friend? Sometimes, it's just one or the other,( face or name) but usually both.  It makes me crazy when I can't place someone.

4. Child Protective Services interviewed me for child abuse, my own child. That was funny!  The social worker left wondering why I had not actually beaten my child. If you knew Child X then, you would understand.

5.  I am not as mean as I use to be. For those of you who haven't known me long,  you think it's bad now....you did not want to be around then. Actually, I am just opinionated and judgmental.  Hum...let's go back to mean.

6.  I say I don't like chocolate, but I do.  I just prefer fruit and other flavors more.

7.  I am a freak of ... well, I haven't decided. It use to be fabric and wallpaper.  Now I think it's paper. I have boxes of paper in all shapes and sizes. I love the patterns and colors. So, paper freak it is!

OK.  Now I pass this challenge on to some of my favorite peeps:

Go for it gals!  I want to read some juicy stuff.


  1. I always feel bad when I have to call CPS because a kid reports abuse, and I think they are lying. Many times, I think they are lying, but I am legally obligated to report, due to my job, so it's out of my hands. I have to let CPS sort it out. CYA!!