Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been thinking and threatening for months and finally got Big Daddy on board.  As of 13 days ago we disconnected our selves from the electronic world. We did the unthinkable, we disconnected FIOS TV!
I hated paying all that money to Verizon. So no more reruns of Seinfeld, but really, they are all memorized in my head. Then to all insult to injury we disconnected our our home LANDLINE. Sorry to those of you who can no longer call me on a whim.  If we were that good of friends, you would have my cell number.  Consider this a "defriend" notice.

Many of you thought I would have been murdered in my sleep by my children, but they are on board. Why, I have no idea. They were tv junkies, and now, not. I even came home the first day to see Lazy Boy sitting in his usual cartoon spot on the couch reading a book.  ON HIS OWN! Can you believe that?

Why did I wait so long?  Big Daddy wanted to watch his games and races, but since he is never home, he came to his senses. As for the phone, everyone but Drama have one. And who really wants to talk to an 8 year-old?  It is so quiet at home. I love it. I get to listen to Sweet Pea play the million $$$ piano and lessons we've paid for.

How do I do it? Here is the secret-internet tv.  Most everything can be found on the internet and it's free, which ya'll know is my M.O. Big Daddy is a genius (Drama even says he wants to be a computer genius like him when he grows up).  He connected an older Macbook to our tv and Hulu. You've seen those commericals on tv with Alec Baldwin. Most of my "programs" can be found there FREE! Once again, streaming into my bedroom. I have watched everything from Royal Pains pilot (kind dumb), Chuck and my current obsession- reruns of Mary Tyler Moore show.  There are 72 shows to watch, so I am pacing myself to savor them over the summer.Our other hook up is Netflix, which has an good online catalogue.  I can hardly pay $9 a month.
We stream old classics and tv series to the flatscreen in our bedroom. So far I've watched "Jane Austen Book Club" (liked the book better), Persuasion (1994), The Office with Ricky Gervais, and a terrific documentary about Glen Tilford (from Squeeze) etc. 

  The only shows I am missing are Graham Norton and some other sordid BBC-America shows.
I was worried about Conference and other church stuff on BYU channel.  But being so righteous, the powers that be have created a BYU internet channel just in time.  Coincidence? I think not.

So here is to internet tv! By the way, I still have way, WAY too many televisions in my house. Anyone need a 36 inch tv as perhaps an endtable?


  1. Uuuuhhhh...what about BYU football games? Are you nuts? yeah.....I don't have your cell phone #...just sayin...

  2. I know....BYU football was a hard one. But they are never on tv/cable/satellite here..so out of sight, out of mind.

  3. I am Kristina, and I am a TV addict.