Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lazy Boy gets promoted

You have never seen a happier boy.

Last Friday we celebrated Lazy Boy's completion of middle school.  It was difficult, but he managed to get through it, alive. In our neck of the woods you don't graduate from middle school.  You get "promoted". Some parents didn't get the memo.  13 year olds showed up in tuxes, limos, etc.  I guess promotion is the highest standard in their home. To us, this is but a stepping stone. There is high school, missions, college, grad school, etc.  I am overachieving for my children in my dreams. I tell everyone I am grooming Drama for greatness.  Heaven knows I waited too long to start with Lazy Boy and Sweet Pea.
But, back to his big day.
This was one of the very few days that he asked me what he should wear. Sweet Pea and I both said the same thing,"Ya gotta wear the pie hat."  My mother, HRM, calls it a "pork pie hat". I don't know why, but she is old skool Sinata style. She knows
 these kinds of things, so we just go with it.

But he looked stellar...almost.  We sat about 30 feet behind him and I couldn't get his attention, so I texted him "tuck in your shirt".  He laughed.
HRM, a.k.a.Noni, The Princess, Lazy Boy and Big Daddy

Lazy Boy and friends, Chris and Alan
they are Mexican, but need better Mexican names.
I shall call them Cristobal and Alejandro.

Geez...I am a giant.  Wait a year, he'll be taller than me, and hopefully bigger.


  1. What the H*%# are you doing up? Oh, and thanks.

  2. Great pictures of Bennett. Love the hat. Glad he Noni's advice and wore it. He looks really sharp with it on. He needs to wear it more often.