Thursday, October 1, 2009

Card Crazed

I haven't worked much this week. That usually means time at my desk cutting, punching or stamping something while watching Bob Newhart episodes {I completely all the Mary Tyler Moore episodes on Hulu :( } But I haven't been feeling up to my perky self this week. So I have been surfing my inspirational paper blogs and so excited to use some of the new goodies I got a Jo-Jo's (Joann's) last week. Bought 3 new g-studio stamp sets for 60 cents each. Yep, those 40% off coupons are good on dollar stuff too!

Here are two related comments from my kids this week.
"Why do you do this if it makes you so crazy?"-Lazy Boy
(I get crazy when it's 10:30 pm and don't have the right color whatever)
Response: "It helps me relax and I need to be creative, other than laundry."
"You have so many card. Why don't you ever send some?"-Sweet Pea
Response: "Yeah, did you know it was Sis. H's (seminary teacher) birthday on Monday. I did and send her a lovely card. What did you do? Oh, that's right.
You slept in that day.Too bad! I heard there was cake too."
I know, how mean!

In anticipation of World Card Making Day this Saturday, I am posting some of my work. I hope to find some friend or strangers who will appreciate these....sob...sob...sob.
{followed by cackle, cackle, cackle!}


  1. Okay, I'm the total stranger you were hoping for (or maybe not). Anyway, WAY CUTE cards. I was totally addicted to rubber stamps a few years ago and when I got through spending a gazillion dollars on the stamps and all that went with them, I moved on to Sizzix die cuts. Now that I've spent a gazillion dollars on Sizzix die cuts, I want to move on to Cricut. They need to just quit making this stuff so I would quit wanting it.

    Anyway, love the cards. Ya gonna make some Thanksgiving and Christmas ones and play show and tell?? Would love to see them.

  2. You totally need a photog studio set up so people can see your cards with good lighting and stuff.

  3. Yes Sweet Pea. In my spare time, I shall build a light box and take fabulous photos of my lame cards so others will be impressed. Then, you can do the dishes and the laundry. Thanks!

  4. The cards are so very cute!! Forget what your kids complain about, remember they'll be parents before you know it and their kids will be telling them the same thing!!! It's the sweet revenge. Susan B

  5. A-mazing. Are you holding out on me? Your turn for a card class--or several...haha

  6. Still waiting for mine to come in the mail...

  7. cute, cute , cute ! great image and fantastic cards. I love that mojo sketch card too.