Sunday, October 4, 2009


"How do you make a big change?
Change never takes place big. It is always little.
Alma 37:6-7 reads, " small and simiple things are great things brought to pass."

Well then, let's get on with it...whatever it is.


  1. That is what I'm sayin'!!! That and what the heck am I suppose to learn that I am missing!??

  2. I get this, because in my mind when we talk about small changes I instantly think of gaining weight. It's the little handfuls of crap that I shove in my mouth countless times a day that makes my thighs the size they are--not one particular meal that I like to blame!

    But you wanted a spiritual discussion, huh? Sorry!

  3. exact discuss in mind. I have had that little quote on my desk top for months. Just thought I'd share and begin a dialogue. And I love the chocolate metaphor! When you moving to Zion?