Saturday, October 3, 2009

Princess Danell 2

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the second edition of me. I decided to move my creative stuff, photography, cakes, but mainly cards over to a new site: Currently Crafting... It's going to be fun. Well, at least for me. I will keep the family drama and other "real" life adventures here. I am trying to get Sweet Pea to build me an awesome creative blog. But, AP Econ, Algebra II and Chemistry are in line ahead of me. Darn! So, check out my other site and tell me what ya think!
Later Skaters!


  1. Haha if you were trying to display how scholarly I am, your efforts are counterintuitive because Algebra 2 and Chemistry are sophomore classes.

  2. So tell AP Econ, Algebra II and Chemistry to back off. There are priorities to be set here.