Sunday, November 22, 2009

BYU vs. SD Football

We took the kids to the BYU football game in San Diego to watch them beat San Diego.
We started with a tailgate party in the parking lot with some of our
True Blue friends.

It turned out that we had spectacular seat for viewing...not so much for listening.
Our seats were next to the Aztec cannon and the first three times it scared me I swore. Sorry. We also had a great view of the team when they came out.

Here is a picture of quarterback Max Hall, nephew of virtual friend The Queen.
He is pumping his fists in support after I yelled positive and motivational slogans to him and the team. I am pretty sure I single handedly helped the Cougars win the game 38-28.
You're welcome.
Because we were sitting on the Aztec side, we had a front row view of the ancient cheerleaders who had come back for Homecoming. I was so impressed by the 2 old (older than me), fat (and much fatter than me) guys doing cartwheels throughout the game. Very inspirational

Sweet Pea and her friend ...future Cougars?!
And...One of our little Cougar fans who sat behind me. Man, could her mom yell!
After the game...more tailgating.
Our friends helped us surprise Big Daddy with a brownie cake for his birthday.
Thanks gang!

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