Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Happened to October?

Serious! What Happened? Well, a lot. Here are the exciting adventures of our October. Enjoy!
First weekend we spent with General Conference listening to the teachings and council of our church leaders. Good Stuff!
The following Saturday we spent in San Diego. I told everyone to be ready to spend the day in San Diego, but didn't tell them what we were doing. It was a lot of fun. It's about being in control, I guess. First stop, the San Diego Temple.
I can't believe Drama had never been there! Hum! The big kids had just been there the week before to do baptisms. Awesome! When it came time to taking a group snappy, Drama was a pill. Fine! We are not even going to Photoshop you in, you turkey!

Next stop, lunch in La Jolla. We found a yummy burger place in the village. They had wicked onion rings.

After that I took everyone to the Scripps Aquarium.

It was a lot of fun looking at the crazy fish, jelly fish, sea horse, and other aquatic life. The kids tried to catch a lobster. No luck!

Next stop....Old Town. I wanted to take a look at the newly remodeled Mormon Battalion. Surprise! It's not done yet! Oh well.

We found some fun things to look at, bought some rocks for Drama's "collection" (that's what we call a pile of rocks in his room) and a fiberglass parrot for my friend Wendy. Wow! The junk you can find!

Last stop, we headed back home and stopped for dinner at Roadside Grill in San Marcos. Yummy rolls. That's all I have to say. I guess I am becoming a dinner roll connoisseur.

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