Monday, May 25, 2009

And The Winner Is. . . .

The Maui Giveaway goes to ......The Queen. Yep. It's official, she won it fair and square. Email me an address and I'll drop your prizes in the mail-io. I was really hoping for one of my local peeps, so I could just drive it over. Oh well. That just proves what a giving and thoughtful person I am. Enjoy your highness! Maybe McFly will mellow with chocolate macadamians.

Thanks to all of the others:

There were 17 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. 7-queen
  2. 17-queen
  3. 2-jennifer k
  4. 13-emily
  5. 11-audrey f
  6. 16- amber
  7. 14-jennifer k
  8. 5-laura p-h
  9. 9-mama snail
  10. 4-gay lynn a
  11. 1- emily w
  12. 12-kristen c.
  13. 3-amber m
  14. 8-kristen p
  15. 10-missy
  16. 15- laura b
  17. 6-angie a

Timestamp: 2009-05-26 05:06:25 UTC


  1. I won!!!I won!!! I won!!! Why cab't you just drive it over to me??? It's just 1 state over and I've never won anything in my life!!!

  2. Dang I missed it...I have been absent from the blogging world for a week, and look what happens!

  3. I can't believe I missed out on the giveaway! Your vacation pictures were incredible! I'm not bitter, I'm better! Gorgeous photo of you with the flower in your hair with your honey.

  4. you so could have driven it over. it would have taken you 4 or 5 days, so what. You'd like to fall asleep to the sound of frogs and the blinnking of fireflies. BTW...please don't laugh to hard that it took me 2 weeks to comment.!