Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Yes, it's that time again.  The smell of wood, the sound of a dremel, the screams of ...well, me.
"You are getting paint all over the table.  Go upstairs and get some of that purple stuff under my sink.  Why are you still standing there?  Run, run, RUN!"

I hate projects.  Actually, I hate my children's projects. They always wait until the last minute to tell me, "Oh Mom, where do you keep the 3 inch styrofoam balls?  I need to make a DNA display tonight."

Our pinewood derby project went pretty smoothly this year.  Big Daddy and Drama got started early, several weeks.  Big Daddy used this as an excuse to purchase a new tool, a dremel. For those who don't know, a dremel is a small handheld rotary tool.  It looks just like those drill/sanders they use in the nail salon. The dremel comes with 15 different accessories and a catalogue of a billion more. Lazy Boy was quite put out that his cars were all made without the use of electric tools.  Just his lame mom trying to use a dumb coping saw.

Drama and I went to a special hobby store to buy paint, special shiny paint.  It had to be green and blue.  We asked Sweet Pea to utilize her made art skills and draw some "cool lines" with Sharpie. It made it very cool.

Making the final weigh in and adjustments.

After all the races, Drama didn't come in the top 3. I think our cars (a true family project) didn't have enough weight. But that's another story. He did, however, receive a certificate for "Best Detail"  
Thanks Sweet Pea!

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  1. They made our whole ward do it! The boys competed, then the rest of us. Bishop's wife won. Hummmm....