Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Fourteen

Aloha Friday!

Our last full day in Maui. Boo-hoo. Big Daddy and I rented gear to snorkel. The first beach we went to, D.T. Fleming park/beach, about 8 miles from our resort, was cloudy and raining. No good. We drove to Napili beach and found a sweet spot, just below the Gazebo, the breakfast restaurant we are making famous.Although it was still cold, we braved the waves. We saw lots of fishies, coral and a Titlest golf ball wedged inbetween two rocks. Funny! How could I not think of Seinfeld? When we got out of the water, it was raining, horizontally. Awesome!

After snorkeling, we hit the pool with the Folks and Besties.
My favorite time at the pool or at the beach is 4-6 pm.  
I guess its the way the sun is hanging low in the sky.
For our last night out, we went to dinner with Momsie, Popsicle, the Fishing Guy, his wife and their daughter and her husband. Shwoosh!
We ate at the Plantation at the Kapalua golf course. Once again,
If I were Oprah, and ya'll know how I feel about her, this is where I would live.

The greens overlooking Kapalua Bay.

Me and Momsie
Isn't she cute?

Since I won't see her on Sunday,

Happy Mother's Day!


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