Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day Nine

Happy Sunday!
We got all dressed up and drove to church this week. We attended sacrament meeting at the Lahaina 1st ward. Momsie and Popsicle got there early and saved us seats in the padded pew section. Church in Hawaii is fantastic. The people are so friendly and glad to have visitors, I hope.

One of the cool things about the ward building is the chapel. There are 10 ceiling fans running at different speeds. It is probably somebody's calling to keep them all at the proper speed. Sister Lakaulu likes the fan on medium speed, Brother Maalu likes the fan on high, etc. I want that calling.

It was fast and testimony meeting. The first lady to come to the pulpit was a visitor from Trinidad/Tobago. She had an excellent accent and was a Baptist in her previous live. Man, that was entertainment. Then another visitor from Utah shared his experiences visiting over the years, how caring and kind the ward had been to them. Very touching. Then a couple of local members spoke. It was so beautiful and thick with the spirit. That is, until a woman walked across the chapel and blew a huge bubble with her gum. It was hilarious! You got your highs and your lows.

After church we pretended we were Lutherans and went to breakfast with Momsie and Popsicle at this restaurant I had read about. It was a little drive to Napili where we waited an hour to eat at the Gazebo. It was a tiny, tiny little place that had about 12 tables.
The wait was worth it, although Momsie almost passed out, low blood sugar. Nothing a full leaded Coke and chips couldn't fix. Big Daddy had lunch while the rest of us had bacon and eggs. Pops and I shared a plate of macadamian pancakes topped with a mixture of Dream Whip and carmel sa,uce and coconut syrup. I can't believe I didn't fall into a sugar coma.Our view from the Gazebo
Popsicle, me and Momsie
Me and Big Daddy, with full bellies.

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  1. Great job on the weight loss. You look amazing in these pictures. You can definitely see your hard work. Keep up the hard work! Doesn't your body feel amazing?!