Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Fifteen

 Sayonara Maui

Last day (sigh). It had to end eventually. We decided to go out with a blast! Breakfast at the Gazebo with the Besties.  Sooo much good food.  I will miss it all.  As soon as I get home, it's back to the WW plan. We waited, only 45 minutes this time, to get into the Gazebo. While we looked out onto the ocean, there was a pod of whales. How lucky were we. Everyone told us that it was too late for whales, but we saw a few, however, very far away.

White chocolate chip pancakes with killer Dream Whip topping
The Boss had bacon and eggs and a loaf of toast.
Pancakes with Dream whip topping, macadamians and coconut syrup. 
Need a blood sugar check.

After breakfast, we checked out of our lovely resort and camped at the beach for a few hours.
Big Daddy rented a cabana on the beach for us next to our Besties.
It was lovely.
We had snowcones...
and a gor-juss view of Kaanapali beach.

Finally, the day, week and vacation had to come to an end.
On the way to the airport, the cloud formed and began to sprinkle.
I say it's Pele crying because we were leaving.
See you at home.

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