Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maui Giveaway....last chance

Today is the last day to enter my Maui Giveaway. I noticed several names missing...Queen,K.P.,Laura,Vicki,etc. Sweet Pea is disqualified because she got her own stash of crap, including a beautiful ring purchased at the exclusive Kmart, where my personal episode of COPS was played out. I'll assign numbers tomorrow and drop them in the spinner.
My tan is beginning to fade, so I am out to the pool!
Good Luck!


  1. Ok...Your comment was great and I am so with you! When are you going to come and visit me and Grandma S.?

    You better enter me 3 times!!! Did I miss that post? I WANT IT!!!

  2. Ack! I didn't enter yet? How do I enter? Can this count?