Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day Ten

After yesterday, I HAD to work out at the gym. Followed that up with laundry and a run. Yep, a run. I hate running, but I did a little bit. Makes me feel like an athlete. Haha haa!

So excited I finished my second book yesterday, The Jane Austen Book Club. I recommed it to those of you who have read and enjoy Jane Austen books. Although the book itself only touches on her books and characters, it is helpful to have read some of her work. I had also read a second book, "Total Money Makeover", by Dave Ramsey. May I suggest not reading financial books while on vacation. Total bummer makeover!
Two books, you may say, big deal. Well, for some reason,I never, ever have time to finish a book. I have a stack of 8-12 books next to my bed waiting to be read.
My next book was a Sue Grafton. But I found a Janet Evanovich in the laundry room. So far it is hilarious.Read, had a bag of Maui chips and a sweet and tart smoothie. Life today is good, very good.
We got our first great photos of whales today.
A momma and baby whale splashing about.

Went to dinner with The Besties tonight. A new place for us Cool Cat Cafe. Had some scrumptious burgers and onion rings.

After dinner, we walked along Front Street, ran into some friends, and headed to the ABC. I found a fab wrap for Mom for Mother's day, a few gifts and of course, Big Daddy got his pair of Dt. Coke. Ahhh! Gotta love repetition.

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